Christian Articles

"A Forever Family"

Testimony Magazine

The Children’s Bridge Adoption Agency taught Glenda and René de Vries to encourage their adopted children to ask any questions their developing, vulnerable minds might have about their adoption from China.  What the agency didn’t teach them was how to prepare for the strobe light inquisition from their brilliant young girls. Nor did they teach them how to explain the unexplainable, or how to express God's love and divine purpose for their lives.  

"Fur Immer eine Familie"

"Mama, komme ich aus deinem Bauch?', fragte mich unsere vierjährige adoptivtochter.  


"God Loves the Brokenhearted"

Christian Courier

How do you feel when confronted by someone in you church who's constantly down, and there doesn't seem to be any reason that you can think of? Do you get that strong inclination to slap him or her on the back and say, "Cheer up, God loves you" and walk away?

"Medical Mission to Ghana, Africa"

Christian Courier

My New Year's resolution was to do something significant. I didn't know what it would be, but I knew I wanted to fulfill God's expectation, "For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required." (Luke 12:48)

"The not-so-golden years"

Dr. Mullen says, "Christians get tripped up because they think they are dealing with a spiritual issue, when in fact, it is a mental health issue that is causing the problems. bEcause they think it is a spiritual issue, they try to go to Bible studies and prayer groups to find the answers there. They soon discover they can't concentrate or participate appropriately, so these places are of little help. Support groups specifically designed for mood disorders are very comforting because one realizes that other Christians are struggling with the same issues."

Christian Courier

"Town Council and Peace Churches Settle on Peace Plaque" 

Stouffville Free Press 

In an increasingly militarized world, Stouffville residents can be proud of the contributions of our founding settlers. They demonstrated through word and deed what it means to turn the other cheek-as Jesus calls us to do-as an active, realistic strategy for breaking the cycle of violence. 

"Forgiveness is Good Medicine"

Senior Care Canada First Quarter, 2014

Forgiveness heals two birds with one prescription. More than one thousand scientific studies have overwhelmingly proven forgiveness is good medicine for both the victim and the perpretrator. It lifts depression, releases bitterness, anger, resentment and hopelessness, improves the immune system, reduces cancer risk, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. 

Forgiveness is not weakness. It does not preclude justice. It does not demand vengeance. It does not excuse the wrongdoing. Forgiveness is a choice. It is forged in empathy. It is compassionate and courageous. It is life-giving and healthy. It is a good pill to share. 

"Is Therapy Going to the Dogs?"

Senior Care Canada Second quarter, 2014

Many residents in long-term care facilities may feel as if they aren't getting the care or attention they crave. Government fiscal cutbacks are putting a strain on staff attempting to meet the needs of their residents.

Pet therapy programs offer incredible positive outcomes, and they are free! Maybe therapy should go to the dogs after all. 

"Putting the gold back into the golden years."

Senior Care Canada fourth quarter, 2013

My uncle Gerry recently passed away. He was in his "golden years." Although the funeral ceremony was jubilant - with laughter, assurances of life after death and song - the years leading up to his death were emotionally and physically difficult. He suffered with cancer. He was on dialysis. He could no longer do many of the activities he had previously enjoyed. 

"I'm not living in the golden years. You are," Uncle Gerry recently told his son-in-law.