Speaking Engagements for Glenda Dekkema

FACING THE NEW YEAR with Melony Teague, Igor Klibanov an Glenda Dekkema. The Secrets of Body Transformation from the Inside Out Team will be sharing how to face the new year with tools and tips to succeed in striving for a healthier, happier you.

Glenda Dekkema B.A. uses her knowledge as a Registered Nurse to help us understand the link between excellent nutrition, health and weight control. She is a professional writer who teaches natural methods to prevent obesity and degenerative illnesses.

The quality of today’s food is not what it used to be and she believes our bodies, despite the fact that most Canadians are  overweight, are actually starving for nutrients, leading us to extreme cravings and binging. The combination of poor food quality and the unregulated toxins we are constantly exposed to make us one of the most ill generations. However, with the right knowledge there is hope that we can all have our healthiest, happiest year yet.

She will be discussing the following: How do we make healthy choices about our own personal optimum wellness, disease prevention and weight loss given the misinformation, fads and controversial science in the media about health care? Who should we trust? What tools can we use to navigate through this information/misinformation? She will provide a mini-assignment about your personal wellness goals. She will follow up on the assignment and work through them with the participants.

Glenda will introduce herself and talk about her motivation for optimum wellness, sharing her experience working as an R.N. on the cancer ward, rehabilitation, psychiatry, and in nursing homes.  She will address media misinformation and share a project regarding personal motivation.

Feedback on Glenda's seminar

Public Speaking on Health and Wellness:

“The session was great. Learned a lot about drug use and alternatives.”

“The presentation was good and thought provoking.”

“Lots to think about  - explore the products you use on a daily basis. Glenda is passionate about finding “The Truth.” – Cheryl Duckworth

“It is healthy to question and research. Question, question.” – M. Kot.

“Glenda is a nice, caring personable person.”                                                  

“Glenda offers a caring approach to her clients and healthy lifestyle.”

"Glenda is emotionally motivated to promote wellbeing with natural methods and products in our lives."

Seminar on Natural Menopause

 I led a seminar to a group of eight women of perimenopausal age. There is a lot of controversial information out, so the focus of the seminar was to make suggestions as to what really works.

Menopause is perfectly natural and it is a stage we must all pass through. You can't prevent menopause and you can't cure it. You can only deal with it and minimize the symptoms.

There are some methods that are absolutely certain to at least reduce your symptoms, but they are harder to achieve than simply taking an herb or a pill. They require lifestyle changes.



Young President's Organization (YPO), Geralyn Howell

Glenda's presentation was perfectly on target for the audience, and much appreciated by all. Glenda demonstrated excellent knowledge and insight on menopause.